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What We Do
"We Don't need to tell you that Online Listings has just begun, but that it's moving like a runaway train through every business community" CEO Steve Cleaves

By now Many businesses are finding their customers on websites like twitter, facebook, and Youtube every single day - just hearing the story of their competitors. AlignGo is pleased to announce that we can
 get your story online. for a limited time only and without any delay!  

In a Hectic Online-landscape, AlignGo is King,we are committed to keeping stride with your needs. Our motto "thinking outside the social Box" is our testament to our continued innovation and ability to Help You. Let us start by Listing your business on Google PlacesBing Localand Yahoo Local
Think Outside The Box With
We Are AlignGo, Our Business is       to Online Your Business.
   Our Motto is to Expand your                Customer Base.  
Relax and enjoy your life, we'll do the work of getting your Business                     ONLINE 
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AlignGo is a:
Our services require no effort on your part – we do all the work! Your Company can appear throughout the Internet in as little as 3 to 5 weeks after we process your order. Our team works hard for you – from the smallest business to the largest corporations, we assure maximum results for all our clients.
  Online Marketing?

Achieving top search engine placement is the (brick and mortar) equivalent of choosing your store's location. We've all heard it, when setting up your store, location is everything: location, location, location. Unlike Brick and Motar, websites can't just buy or rent their location on the internet. When you set up a site, you need your story to be linked in via demographic of the area and your customers. You obviously want to go where your target audience is most likely to shop - through Search!
That's where we make you Matter.

The way your story spreads is threw a process of keyword research and selection. You want to choose the keywords that your target audience is using in the search results, integrate your story with tagged pictures and phrases making your listing more organic. Unlike a store, knowing where your target demographic shops (or searches) isn't enough, you can't just sign a lease agreement and start getting foot traffic. that's where we come in............ We Map your Business Online!
We Know Marketing | If You Didn't Know Now You Do
We Want to Help Your Business Go From That to This....
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